All too often, we have heard that 'Blacks are only voting for Barack Obama
because he is Black.'  However, we did NOT vote for Mr. Obama for several
reasons - reasons that we considered very carefully.  We voted based on what we
felt was in our best interest. (Yes, we are indeed selfish.)

Although we were not in favor of the bailout, we voted for the man who
proposes a healthier economic plan for the Nations.
Moreover, we had our doubts when the NCLB Article 107-110 was written into
public law and we were sicken that it would not benefit the entire Nation.  
However, for the sake of our future, we felt it was imperative to give our vote to
the man who proposes to make it better for not just the elite, but for all people.

Oh and yes, we voted for your children as well as all the other youngsters
because they have a stake in our future.  (We sincerely apologize for being so

We voted for the Tax Credit worth $4,000 to cover 2/3 of college tuition so
your children will be prepared for not only their future, but ours as well.

We voted for all those that truly desire a better America.

We voted for the man who has given 100% of his votes in favor of Unions.

We voted for the employee who makes less than $10.00 on one job and $15.00
on the other [just to make ends meet for his family].

We voted for those that live in the government-ran underground tents.

We voted for the man who encourages new jobs for United States citizens.

And when it pertains to those who are facing foreclosure, we voted for the man
who stated, “We need to give people the breathing room they need to get back
on their feet,” and propose leniency for those suffering in this economic crisis.

We voted for the children of this Nation, as we are so tired of having family's
cry when their loved ones return home in body bags.

When we looked at that ballot, we looked at our relationships around the world
and knew that we would not be able to clearly select a better candidate when it
comes to the safety of this Nation.

We voted for the man who will always consider what is best and safe for our
Nation first and then propose to act with skill when dealing with disharmony in
other Nations.

We voted to have a new Department of Veteran Affairs that we will help all U.S.
Veterans and will give them the care and benefits that they have rightly earned
and deserved.

We voted not based on a person's race or gender. Yes when we were born, we
were documented as a particular race and gender, but most importantly, a human
with a heart and a conscious.  When we made our selection on the ballots, we
voted for whom we thought was a clear choice.
We voted with a clear conscious; never will it ever be based on color or gender,
but what the candidate can do for US.

We voted for those millions of children and their working parents who do not
have affordable healthcare.  Oh and we voted for Joe the plumber too because
we are aware that he is either confused or mislead and/or a highly paid mascot.

We voted for our salaries not coming close to the "the average income" of

We are aware that there will be SOME Black people that will feel a need to vote
for Mr. Obama based on the color of his skin, but oh there is much more than
that.  We were once supporters of John McCain and when he ran for the White
House against GW Bush, we were behind him all the way. However, Mr. McCain
HAS changed!

We voted for what we thought was best for not only the United States of
America, but also the world and so, it was clear to us that we had to fill in the
space next to Obama and Biden.

We voted for our deceased parents.  No, not because they would have loved to
see BArack Obama sworn in as the first Black man of these Nations, but because
they suffered working more than one job at once just to provide for their

It is our hope that people of every shade and gender, vote wisely.  
It is our hope that people of every shade and gender will vote for whom they
think will work best for them.
It is our hope that people of every shade and gender will vote not only in this
presidential race, but in each voting session.  Do it for yourself, your family and
the rest of the world.  DO IT!  Remain an active voter - ceasing any other
registration problems in the future.  ALWAYS VOTE FOR YOU!

Since the age of 18, we have NEVER missed our right to cast our vote; we
NEVER have and we NEVER will.  If someone offered 1 million dollars to skip
a voting session, we would honestly turn it down.  (That's just how serious we
are about casting our vote.)

We cast every single ballot because of Ms.
Patricia Schroeder and all those that
continue to stand strong for
The People.

Selfishly signed,

PS. We want to thank all of those who endured the long lines at the polls as well
as those that took time to teach their children how important it is to vote.
    We did NOT vote for Barack Obama

Please do not forget the past presidential elections of Bush vs. Gore and Bush vs. Kerry.  Please remember
that those same "over exhausted" Diebold machines will STILL be used in 357 Counties.  Yes, that's only 10%
of voters, but it remains an issue and could ultimately change the outcome of EACH election.  

Get involved.  Visit and do your part in making sure that
Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the next president and vice president of the United States of America.

After watching the news and reading the newspapers, I KNOW Barack Obama and Joe Biden will have those
votes come November.  

After watching the documentary "Uncounted," I vowed to do something.

Visit and see what you can do.