What Obama Has Done (2008 - 2012)
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What has President Barack Obama done?
Monday, October 15, 2012
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Although President Barack Obama has faced much animosity and continuous discord from our
U.S. government officials, he has accomplished a lot in his 3 1/2 years of his presidency.

In spite of all the strife, he has managed to do the following:

  • Created more private sector jobs in 2010 than Bush was able to do throughout his entire 8
    years in office
  • Appointed first Latino to the US Supreme Court
  • Promoted social responsibility through creation of serve.gov, a national database of
    volunteer opportunities
  • Successful with the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009: a $789 billion
    economic stimulus plan that has benefited millions of Americans facing foreclosure, helped
    with student loans and promoted job growth.
  • Reversed 'global gag rule', allowing US aid to go to organizations regardless of whether
    they provide abortions
  • Appointed more openly gay officials than any other president in US history
  • Signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, giving the FDA the
    authority to regulate the manufacturing, marketing, and sale of tobacco for the first time
  • Launched recovery.gov to track spending from the Recovery Act, providing transparency
    and allowing the public to report fraud, waste, or abuse
  • Developed stimulus package, which includes approx. $18 billion for non-defense scientific
    research and development
  • Cut prescription drug cost for Medicare recipients by 50%
  • Provided $12.2 Billion in new funding for Individuals With Disabilities Education Act
  • Extended Benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees
  • While Congress has only implemented tax cuts on 5% of Americans but not tax cuts for all
    Americans, President Obama has been fighting Congress to cut tax for 99% of Americans.  
    (Obama's approach is to stop coddling the rich, but to help save middle-class Americans.)
  • Implemented the Affordable Care Act
  • (More than 200 times, Congress has tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act.)
  • Reduced unemployment.
  • (According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, unemployment is currently 7.8%.)
  • Bailed out the auto industry
  • (Ford caps 2009 with 33% sales increase.  A first full year market gain since 1995.)
  • Banned registered lobbyists from working in the administration on areas which they have
    already lobbied before and bar officials who leave the administration from lobbying the
    executive branch for the duration of your presidency
  • Increased minority access to capital
  • Expanded loan programs for small businesses
  • Extended and index the 2007 Alternative Minimum Tax patch
  • Implemented a plan that would weatherize 1 million homes per year
  • Expanded eligibility for State Children's Health Insurance Fund (SCHIP)
  • Expanded funding to train primary care providers and public health practitioners
  • Increased funding to expand community based prevention programs
  • Created a 'Green Vet Initiative' to promote environmental jobs for veterans
  • Signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Assured that the Veterans Administration budget is prepared as 'must-pass' legislation
  • The Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act of 2009 provides a
    permanent solution to the yearly problem of Congress failing to pass a VA budget before
    the end of the fiscal year.
  • Appointed a special adviser to the president on violence against women
  • Raised the small business investment expensing limit to $250,000 through the end of 2009
  • Directed military leaders to end war in Iraq
  • Increased funding for local emergency planning
  • Initiated a grant and training program for law enforcement to deter cyber crime
  • Granted Americans unrestricted rights to visit family and send money to Cuba (Now all you
    have to do, is write a permanent bill to allow Haitians to remain in the U.S.
  • Restored funding for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne/JAG) program
  • Released presidential records  as well as create a national declassification center  (I have
    heard of this nullification but I haven’t seen or heard much more about it)
  • Required new hires to sign a form affirming their hiring was not due to political affiliation or
  • Provided affordable, high-quality childcare
  • Recruited math and science degree graduates to the teaching profession
  • Encouraged water-conservation efforts in the West
  • (I live in Colorado, so I can only hope this will stop the Denver Water board from
    continuously raise our rates.  It is just getting ridiculous!  …year after year, we cut down on
    water use only to get hit with continued price increases)
  • Pushed for enactment of Matthew Shepard Act, which expands hate crime law to include
    sexual orientation and other factors
  • Restored funding to the EEOC and the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal
    Contract Compliance Programs
  • Reformed mandatory minimum sentences
  • Created a White House Office on Urban Policy
  • Championed the importance of arts education
  • Supported increased funding for the NEA
  • Established special crime programs for the New Orleans area as well as rebuild their
  • Bolstered the military's ability to speak different languages
  • Provided grants to early-career researchers
  • Worked to overturn Ledbetter vs. Goodyear
  • Implemented the HARP which allows underwater borrowers refinance, drops loan fees for
    some borrowers, reduces appraisal and underwriting rules, will possibly help 1½ to 2 million
  • Implemented the Foreclosure Relief Plan which changes eligibility standards for refinancing,
    eliminates appraisals for most borrowers and encourages new, lower-cost loans
  • Implemented Home Lending Overhaul which helps homeowners owing more than 125% in
    value, borrowers who are current on their payments for the past 6 payments and
    homeowners who have a job or sustainable income
  • (Nationally, there are 11 million homes underwater)
  • (The Home Lending Overhaul program is geared towards helping those in Nevada and
  • Currently 6 million borrowers are either behind on their payments or facing foreclosure.  
    The Home Lending Overhaul does NOT include these people.
  • Top Foreclosure States in September 2012 are Nevada, California, Arizona, Michigan and
  • Promised to spend $50 billion to $100 billion of the $350 billion remaining in the Troubled
    Assets Relief Program, or TARP — the giant pool of money that had been used to bail out
    banks in the months before he came to office — to provide aid to homeowners: Main
    Street, not Wall Street.
  • Promoted new rules for federally guaranteed mortgages so that more homeowners, those
    with little or no equity in their homes, can refinance and avert foreclosure.
I know some people have not been listening to both candidates for the last 18 months and even some, have not watched
the news and/or may have missed what the Republicans are pushing for.  Additionally, I am not sure if some people are
aware of the GOP's "strategy" for winning.  Yes, they will tell you anything to win.  (Remember what former RNC
chairmen Michael Steele said, "
It's how the game is played."  And Representative Phil Gingrey chairman of the GOP
Doctors caucus who told CNN that, "
The Republican - the conservative candidate in the primary is always gonna
lean right and ...and come back to the center for the general...the opposite for the democrat. Uh That's all you're
seeing here. It's ..it's very typical. We strong conservatives understand that. So this is campaign strategy.

Whether some call it "strategy" or deception, this is what I have learned over the past 3 1/2 years while President Obama
has been fighting the "Party of No":

 They want to take away your Social Security
    I am not sure if they want to take away Social Security, but Romney did say that one way to fulfill promises
    on entitlement programs is to “raise taxes on people.”

 They want to end Medicare
    It has been noted on several news outlets that Romney's health care plan does not have provisions for
    either Social Security or Medicare as Romney sees them as government issued programs and not

 They want to keep health insurance companies from covering sick children

 They want to end food stamps

 They want to wipe out Labor Unions
    To me, it seems as though anything that favors or protects the poor or middle-class is frowned upon in the
    Republican Party.  For years, Unions have played an enormous positive role in raising the levels of
    working conditions.

 They want to make it legal for businesses to discriminate

 They want to abolish minimum wage laws

 They want to send more American job overseas
    Profits over people.

 They want to end workplace safety regulations

 They want to slash job-training programs that help the unemployed

 They want to take away your pensions

 They want to end your right to collectively bargain with your employer

 They want to ban the unemployed from being considered for employment

 They want to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency

 They want to pollute the air we breathe

 They want pollute the water we drink

 They refuse to vote for cleaner, more efficient energy sources

 They want to allow oil companies to rape America’s environmental treasures for any trace amount of oil

 They want to persecute non-Christians
    They consider anyone who protects the rights of gays or lesbians is sacrilegious; not devout followers of

 They want declare a state religion

 They want to make cohabitation before marriage a crime

 They took America hostage during the debt ceiling debate
    They were willing to let Obama fail even if it meant damaging our credit rating around the world. It seems
    as though they desire to hold back in helping Americans as long as it will mean a failure for Obama.  The
    debt ceiling has been raised 79 times since 1960; 49 times under Republican presidents and 30 times under
    Democratic presidents.
  • Under Ronald Reagan, the debt ceiling was raised 17 times in eight years
  • Under George Herbert Walker Bush, the debt ceiling was raised 4 times in 4 years
  • Under Bill Clinton, the debt ceiling was raised 4 times in eight years
  • Under George Bush, the debt ceiling was raised 7 times in eight years
  • Under President Barack Obama the debt ceiling has been raised 4 times in 3 years

 They want to reinstate ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell'
    Repeal of DADT has been a 17-year-long battle during which many Americans stood up to do their part in
    moving our country forward.

 They want to segregate our schools

 They want to deny aid to Americans who go through natural disasters

 They want to end funding for natural disaster warning systems

 They want to take away the right to vote by suppressing votes

 They want to make abortion illegal, even in cases of rape
    Just this month, (the month of October 2012), we have learned that the Romney/Ryan ticket proposes
    abortion as illegal in every State. This would mean if abortion was illegal in your State, a woman would not
    be allowed to travel to another State to have it done.  Todd Akin, a Republican who is running for the
    senate in Missouri claimed that women could biologically avoid becoming pregnant in cases of "legitimate
    rape".  At first the majority of Republicans condemned him, but now, they are rallying around him as if he
    said nothing wrong.

 They want to abolish the corporate income tax
    I suppose this would make sense, as there is a capital gains tax...uh huh, but at the same rate as a person
    making $100,000.

 They want to raise YOUR taxes but not taxes on the wealthy
    No wonder the 99'ers are upset. But what is troubling, is that there are more of us than there are of them,
    but we are STILL losing!

 They don’t support health care for every American citizen
    According to Politico, Romney's health care plan would leave 72 million Americans uninsured.

 They want to allow health insurance companies to drop people

 They want to illegally spy on American citizens

 They want more wars
    During the RNC Convention, it was so obvious that if given the opportunity, they would go after Russia as
    well as Iran.

 They want to make laws requiring every person to own a gun whether you like guns or not
    I thought this law was already in place in a particular State, but I cannot recall which.

 They encourage gun violence

 They want to keep women from earning equal pay for equal work
    They fought Obama tooth and nail to stop the Lilly Ledbetter Act. Again, another clue they dislike women.

 They want kill Planned Parenthood and end critical health care services for women
    In my opinion, it is not a Black or White issue, but a FEMALE issue. As a female the biggest issue at stake
    is women's issues therefore it is only reasonable to vote for Obama/Biden. As a female, I will not and
    cannot vote for Romney/Ryan, as I know they do not have my best interest in mind. It is obvious to me that
    the Republicans do not like women.

 They want to overturn Roe vs. Wade

 They want to ban contraceptives and condoms

 They want to kill homosexuals
    I cannot help but to believe that there is something hidden in their Party, as they seem to speak against
    homosexuality every chance they get. Of course, that is just my opinion, but I cannot help but to believe it -
    based on what they have said just recently.

 They want to end unemployment benefits

 They want our infrastructure to crumble
    Although improving our infrastructure would provide jobs for Americans, they would rather it deteriorate
    as it will mean a fail for Obama and a win-win for them.

 They have voted to end 1.9 million jobs and have created zero
    President Barack Obama’s $447 billion jobs plan would help avoid a return to recession by maintaining
    growth and pushing down the unemployment rate next year, according to economists surveyed by
    Bloomberg News.  Based on this chart, supplied by the U.S. Bureau of Economics, the last four Democrat
    Presidents have created more jobs than Republicans.

 They want to end the independent judiciary branch, and turn it into a strictly conservative branch
    So what does this mean?  Would this not take away the government branches such as legislature, executive,
    and judiciary?  I'm not sure what their proposal means and I will have to investigate further.  Until then, I
    can only assume that they are proposing to have Congress decide the judicial branch so that they can
    implement the laws.  To take away this right from the President and give it to Congress or whomever has
    power of the Senate or Congress.

 They want President Obama to fail at all costs as they have said that their number one priority is to make sure Obama
is a 1-term president

 They want to continue the same failed economic policies that put us into a recession
    I.E., put an end to regulations.

 They rewrite and distort history - denying Obama's successes or even worse, taking credit for Obama's

 They refuse to give any credit to President Obama for ordering the killing of Osama Bin Laden
    GOP will say that it was actually Bush that set the wheels in motion to get Osama bin Laden — that Osama
    was  killed under Obama’s watch is just a coincidence.  The Right will suggest that Osama bin Laden was
    actually a figurehead at this point and his death means nothing.  Osama’s death is a vindication of George
    Bush’s misadventures in the Middle East. History will remember him well.

 They want to repeal portions of the Constitution
  • They want to repeal citizenship (part of the 14th amendment) to prevent anyone who is born in the U.S.
    from automatically becoming an U.S. citizen.  Numerous GOP lawmakers, including Senate Leader Mitch
    McConnell want to deny citizenship to those born here in America.
  • They want to repeal election of Senators, which would take the selection of U.S. Senators out of the hands
    of voters and putting it in the hands of state governments.  The “Repeal The 17th” movement is a vocal part
    of the Tea Party and GOP.  Supporters of the plan say that ending the public vote for Senators would give
    the states more power to protect their own interests in Washington (and of course, give all of us “more
    liberty” in the process.)   17th amendment states "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two
    Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one
    vote. The electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous
    branch of the State legislatures.   When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate,
    the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies: Provided, That the
    legislature of any State may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments until the
    people fill the vacancies by election as the legislature may direct.  This amendment shall not be so
    construed as to affect the election or term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as part of the
  • They want to repeal Congress' ability to regulate the economy.  The Constitution’s “Commerce Clause”
    gives national leaders broad authority to regulate the national economy, but much of the GOP has
    embraced “tentherism.”   Tentherism, proclaims that New Deal-era reformers led an unlawful coup against
    the "True Constitution," exploiting Depression-born desperation to expand the federal government's
    powers beyond recognition. Under the tenther constitution, Barack Obama's health-care reform is
    forbidden, as is Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. The federal minimum wage is a crime against
    state sovereignty; the federal ban on workplace discrimination and whites-only lunch counters is an
    unlawful encroachment on local businesses.  If changed, this will allow trivial lawsuits to be heard in the
    Supreme Court.  On one hand, they want to regulate businesses but not production or agriculture.  If this is
    allowed to take place, then it would also erase the child labor law as well as allow "white only lunch
  • They want to repeal Congress' right to raise money.  The 16th Amendment gives "Congress the power to lay
    and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several
    States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."  No one wants to pay taxes, but it would be
    impossible to function as a nation if America lacked the power to raise the money it needs to pay our armed
    forces, among other things.
  • They want to reverse Congress' power to spend money.  The Constitution also gives Congress power to
    “provide for the common defense and general welfare,” a broad grant of authority to create federal
    spending programs such as Social Security.  Should this GOP vision of the Constitution ever be adopted, it
    could eliminate not just Social Security, but also Medicare, Medicaid, federal education spending and
    countless other cherished programs as well as deem the federal highway system as unconstitutional.
  • The GOP wants to repeal equality.  The Constitution entitles all persons to “equal protection of the  laws.”  
    Proposition 8, passed by California voters in November 2008, prohibits same-sex couples from marrying in
    the State.
  • They want to repeal fundamental rights.  The resolution (H.J Res 56) calling for the Federal Marriage
    Amendment, was introduced before the House of Representatives on May 21, 2003. Backers of the
    amendment say its ratification would preclude state laws from sanctioning same-sex marriages.  The GOP’s
    anti-gay amendment would repeal this constitutional protection.

 They want to indoctrinate our kids

 They want to end public education for all
    To me, it seems as though every Republican wants private/charter schools.

 They want to repeal the Voting Rights Act
    Blacks have only had this right for the last 47 years.

 They care more about Wall Street than they do about Main Street
    Profits before people, is the GOP's motto.

 They think corporations are people

 They want to make it legal to kill doctors who provide abortions

 They want to deport Hispanics, whether they were born here or not
    I was not surprised when they eagerly supported Republican California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly when
    he proposed to repeal the Dream Act.  They continue to call Latinos "illegals" whereas they are not, but
    instead undocumented workers.  They continue to say they want to get rid of people who were not born
    here, yet neither Justin Bieber nor Ted Koppel was born in these divided states.

 They support Israel’s President over our own
    In a foreign policy speech, Romney accused Obama for allowing our relationship with Israel to fail.  
    Additionally, some Countries feel that Romney should not have said that Jerusalem was the capital of
    Israel.  It seems as though the GOP is trying to turn Jewish voters against Obama by creating an
    unnecessary divide.  They have also accused Obama of not providing the necessary aid to Israel, but that
    is totally canard.  Obama provided Israel with the largest amount of American military aid in U.S. history,
  •  Over $3 billion per year to assist Israel’s military to ensure it has the latest and most efficient
    technologies and weapons available;
  • $275 million in supplemental funding to develop the Iron Dome missile system, praised by Israel’s defense
    leaders for its “exceptional” success at saving the lives of Israelis who live under threat from Hamas’
  • Additional funding for the Arrow and David’s Sling missile systems, bringing the total funding for missile
    defense to $650 million—double the amount spent by the Bush Administration.

 They refuse to acknowledge that 9/11 occurred during the Bush Administration
    Not only have I heard former mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani make this claim, but another Republican as well.

 They want to pull America out of the United Nations
    Personally, I believe the U.S. should remain part of the U.N. as I see it as a way to keep America safer.  
    Yes, there are problems with the U.N., but I believe it keeps everyone from acting hastily to resolve
    menacing issues.  I believe they are in place to pose as a moderator.

 They support torture

 They want to teach creationism in schools
    In the United States, the Supreme Court has ruled the teaching of creationism as science in public schools
    to be unconstitutional, irrespective of how it may be purveyed in theological or religious instruction. In the
    United States, intelligent design has been represented as an alternative explanation to evolution in recent
    decades, but a lower court has ruled its "demonstrably religious, cultural, and legal missions"

 They reject science
    Not only have Republicans supported Todd Akin's position on what is "legitimate rape", it also seems that
    many of them have a problem accepting scientific orthodoxy. All the main contenders for the Republican
    presidential nomination reject the notion that climate change is a result of human activity.

 They make government ineffective

 They want to privatize prisons to put more people in jail
    I thought they ALREADY have privatized prisons.  I guess I am wrong.

 They want end funding for legal services for the poor

 They want to end Miranda Rights
    Miranda Rights is included in both the 5th and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution.  It
    protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure.

 They think all liberals are un-American

 They
declared fiscal martial law in a Michigan town and fired the legally elected local government

 They approved of Representative Joe Walsh of shouting "You lie" during President Obama's State Of The Union

 They refuse to cut the Defense budget, which if cut in half would still be the largest defense budget in the world
    The Pentagon has said how much was needed and then Obama budgeted the desired amount, plus
    additional funds.

 They approved of Texas GOP Congressman Joe Barton's apology to BP CEO Tony Hayward
    After that huge disaster cost millions of dollars to Americans and loss of business, they said the hearing
    was a "White House shakedown", and so they apologized to the man that was in charge of the
    catastrophe.  SHAME!

 They take orders from the Koch brothers

 They sign pledges drawn up by conservative activists, and ignore their pledge to serve the constituents who voted for
    Just who is this Grover Glenn Norquist guy anyway?

 They use conservative media to push the right wing agenda even if it means distorting the news or flat out lying
    However, they do not refer to it as lying, but as strategic.

 They want to cut nutrition programs for children
    As House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan released the House Republicans first round of proposed
    budget cuts, laying out about $32 billion in overall cuts, but without naming any specific program
    reductions. Ryan has been justifying his refusal to name a specific program that he would cut from the
    budget by punting to the Appropriations Committee. “[Naming specifics] is what is gonna happen in the
    appropriations process down the road. So I can’t tell you the answer to that because, as a budget
    committee person, we simply lower the cap and then those things go down,” Ryan said.
    Cuts also include:
  • Cutting $758 million from the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
    (WIC), which amounts to about a 6 percent cut to a program providing food assistance to low-income
    women and their infants.
  • Cutting $210 million from Maternal and Child Health Block Grants, which amounts to about a 33 percent
    cut in a program giving low-income pregnant women, mothers and their children access to health care.
  • Cutting $27 million from the Poison Control Center, which would essentially eliminate a program
    supporting local poison control centers and funding a hotline directing residents to their local poison
    control office. Poisoning disproportionately affects children, with half the exposures at the National
    Poison Control Center last year occurring to children younger than six.
  • Congress is working to reauthorize the Farm Bill, legislation that provides funding for one such program,
    the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program, formerly known as food stamps. There
    are current proposals to make drastic cuts to SNAP, despite the fact that nearly half of all SNAP
    participants are children. If Congress cuts funding for this poverty relieving program, it will affect millions
    of children and families, leaving them even more vulnerable to hunger.

 They want to cut housing and energy assistance programs that help poor people
    Despite the important role of Low Income Housing Assistance Program plays in child development and in
    family well-being, Congress cut funding for LIHEAP by about $1.6 billion, or more than 30 percent
    between fiscal years 2010 and 2012, from $5.1 billion to $3.47 billion.

 They agreed with South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint when he called the striking Chicago teachers “thugs”
    Republican Minnesota Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen initiated 22 bills aimed at education in an effort to punish
    as opposed to seeking solutions or making an attempt to find “common ground” on issues of concern.
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